Hi there, I'm Tom -
a graphic- and web designer from Belgium

  • I was born in Aartselaar, set to kill Comic Sans and its siblings

    Being a little kid, there were bound to be truckloads of paper around the house. And yes, every single one of them was completely full with drawings of the most random things. I friggin' loved it. So much that this happened until the age of about 8.

    Because that's when something called the internet happened. I was immediately hooked to computers and its online world of games and adventure. At around 12, I got my first copy of Photoshop and embarked on a magical journey.

    I knew for myself when going into high school, I would go on to study what I loved to do: creating and visualizing, by hand or otherwise.

  • So 18 years later, I graduated high school as a Graphic Designer

    Going into high school, I chose to pursue my passion and study Graphic Design. I quickly learned all about drawing, grids, color modes, and the entire spectrum of Adobe software.

    I studied at the Saint-Mary Institute, near the Central Station of Antwerp. During our drawing classes we would go out to key locations, like the Piers or the Zoo of Antwerp - where we learned to capture the atmosphere or very rapidly grab the moment onto sheets of paper. On the other hand we would design an entire print campaign for an imaginary exhibition for an artist.

    At the end of my final year, I interned at FBD (Kontich) as a graphic designer.

  • 2 years after, I achieved my additional degree in Web Design

    After I finished high school as a graphic designer, I wanted to cure the itch for all things web. Being someone who grew up with the internet and knowing that there was another degree I could achieve called "Web Design" at the same school, I knew enough.

    During these two additional years, I learned to write HTML, CSS, JavaScript - but most importantly: how to design for them.

    I interned twice during these two years. Once at No Nonxense (Mechelen) and once at Originall (Mechelen) - both times as a web designer. During my internship at Originall, I learned to setup, theme and work with Drupal.

  • To wrap it all up - I graduated college in Multimedia

    Now that I had this knowledge of graphic- and web design, I was bound to wrap things up with a more academic view on these materials.

    During my college years at the Artevelde University College (Ghent) I learned about marketing, the mathematics behind color spectrums, programming, and way more. It helped me tremendously to improve on my practical skills.

    In my final year, together with friends we participated at Apps for Ghent 2013 and even won! We got to present our idea about improving the world - as a community - at TEDx Ghent.

    During that year, I interned at Webatvantage.

  • Now, I do what I love - crafting all things digital or printed.

    So here we are now, I've graduated college and am working as a web designer. I sincerely can tell you, I love it. There are so many types of projects, with so much varation.

    Whether you're looking for someone to build you a website, a logo, flyer, poster, illustration - or anything else - here I am!

    If you'd need a proper look at the kind of work I've made, I've gathered my most recent work and put it here and on Behance for you to look at.

    Have any questions left? You can always send me an email or connect on LinkedIn. Don't worry, I won't bite - I think.


I make print media

Logos, posters, flyers, stickers, business cards, clothing, vehicle prints, etc. Ink included.

I design websites

I design websites and do the frontend-development.
You can also manage the content if you'd like.

I illustrate

Illustrations/drawings for posters, clothing, walls, etc. Fancy realism or otherwise? No problem.

Get in touch?

If you'd have any questions left, or would like to work together - feel free to mail me (tom@tobmav.be) or connect on LinkedIn.